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Resin pellets from ALGIX 3D are available in a wide variety of colors. We can also produce specialty pigmentation upon request.


General Information
ALGIX 3D resin pellets for the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry are high performance and environmentally sustainable, making them perfect for a wide variety of AM applications. ALGIX 3D is currently working in a variety of AM industries and having great success with our materials.

We offer all of our filament products in resin pellet form as well (ALGA, APLA, DURA and OMNI). AM projects often utilize ABS plastic, and our OMNI product is a non-toxic and environmentally sustainable substitution for ABS.

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Professional Production
ALGIX 3D is part of the ALGIX family of companies. ALGIX is a distinguished leader in compounding and additives for the bioplastics industry. Our polymer science expertise and strategic partnerships are driving material innovations and quality. All ALGIX 3D materials are produced in the Solaplast bioplastic production facility located in Meridian, Mississippi. We source all of the finest raw materials, including resins, pigments and additives in the making of our ALGIX 3D products, so that we can ensure the most consistent and highest quality product for every order. You can expect our polymer scientists to continually develop innovative new materials focused on performance, sustainability and quality.